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The World Of Arcade Games

The World Of Arcade Games

To begin with, what are arcade games?

Arcade games are usually referred to as coin-operated games traditionally established in machines at bars, restaurants, amusement arcades, and shopping malls. Pinball machines, arcade video games, redemption games, merchandisers, electro-mechanical games, etc., are some popular arcade games ever played.

The World Of Arcade Games

Are arcade games and casino games the same?

They might sound the same because casino games also offer machine games known as slot machines. But, arcade games are played mainly with skills and practice, do not need the elements of luck or chance. In contrast, casinos games’ slot machines require a significant percentage of luck and opportunity as the devices function randomly.

‘Game of chance’ refers to where the players have no idea of the outcomes; pinball machines were also considered ‘game of chance’ initially and were banned from arcades so that the youth do not get into gambling or betting. Later, with the invention of the electric flipper in 1947, pinball games were reconsidered as games of skill.

Let us go deep into ‘game of chance’ and ‘game of skill.’

In ‘game of skill,’ the games, amusements, or contests are played using human resources, abilities, skills, and intelligence. Solitaire, pencil and paper games, mathematical games, puzzle games, word games, educational games, building sets, mail games, and card games come under ‘game of skill.’ They help the players to be self-confident, and thus, they are encouraged well. ‘Games of skill’ are said to be legal and, therefore, most countries allow arcade games.

Whereas ‘games of chance’ are played by luck or chance, the player cannot determine the outcome and does not require skills. Hence, this will end up in gambling and betting, including casino games, especially jackpots and slot machines. However, casino games are not legal in all countries.

Classification of arcade games:

Arcade games are broadly classified into many types. Some of the important ones are:

  • Carnival Games: Carnival games, held at carnival midways, are automated variations of operated games that are played for tickets or prizes for redemption. Whac-A-Mole, Skee-Ball, etc., are some examples of carnival games.
  • Arcade video games: These video games use computerized and electronic machines that receive the input from the players, then convert it into an electronic display that results in a television set or TV. Pong was the first arcade video game introduced in the early 1970s that became successful and popular.
  • Merchandiser games: Games like coin pusher and claw crane come under merchandiser games that involve some physical activity, and the player gets a prize if they win.
  • Photo booths: Photo booths are coin-operated machines, mainly used to click photographs for people applying for licenses and passports. However, there are unique photo booths designed for different purposes in amusement arcades.

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